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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions about Twando are listed below.

1) Who wrote Twando and why was it made?

  • Please see the about page where this is explained.

2) Is the script free?

3) Does the script still work?

  • Yes. Why not download and try it out if you're not sure?

4) Does the script collect any information about my Twitter accounts?

  • No, nothing at all. I did consider things like pinging back details of accounts which are set to auto follow and building a central database of these, but at the end of the day if you have a Twitter account, what you do with it is your business, not mine. So there is no centrally collected data whatsoever.

5) Will the script automatically post Twitter messages or DMs etc from my accounts?

  • Absolutely not. If the script auto tweeted "I just started using the free script from!" when you use it, don't think this would go down well! The only thing the script does automatically is follow the Twando Twitter Account when you authorize an account. This only occurs when you authorize an account; if you manually unfollow the Twando twitter account, it won't automatically refollow it again. This is really useful for two reasons; firstly it helps me gauge how many Twitter accounts are using Twando. Secondly, in time it should give the Twando Twitter account plenty of followers which will allow the script to be tested more fully on a large account. If you think that auto following the Twando Twitter account is unacceptable, then by all means please do not download and use this script.

6) Why do the cron jobs appear to hang or crash?

  • The first step to resolve this is to email the output of the cron job to yourself. When the cron process dies (or you manually kill it) the output of the script will be sent to you. If you are seeing "2006 Server Gone Away" errors, the issue is with your MySQL config and is most likely due to the wait_timeout value on your server being too low. By default, MySQL sets this at 28,800 seconds; some hosts set this as low as 15 seconds! The cron jobs are long running scripts and need a constant database connection to function correctly.

7) How can I see which Twitter accounts I'm following that are not following me back?

  • Simple; this can be done via the Cache Explorer. The 'Follow filter' options allow you to see (for the selected account) all follower relationships; for example all the Twitter accounts the selected account is following but who do not follow that account back.

8) Can I submit bug reports / feature suggestions / advertising requests?

  • Yes, please bear the following things in mind:
  • Some things aren't bugs, they're you being silly. For example, if you don't run install_tables.php before using the script, the script won't work. This is you being silly; it's not a bug. If you download the script and try and install on a server that doesn't match the requirements as detailed on the download page, the same applies. Did you change the table prefix in the config.php file after installing? That will break the script horribly! Basically, the first step if you think you've found a bug is to confirm you didn't do anything wrong.
  • Some things aren't Twando bugs, they're Twitter API issues. The Twitter API has its flaws. Twando tries to counteract these where possible, but sometimes issues can occur due to the flakiness of the API. Probably the most common one is that of suspended users. If you're following a user who gets their account suspended, they will not appear in your friends list from the Twitter API on the next cron follow run. The script will therefore think you have unfollowed that person, even if you did nothing. Likewise, when that person gets their account unsuspended, Twando will then think you followed them again. This is unavoidable due to how the Twitter API reports friends and follower lists; it's not a bug, you just have to live with it (sorry). Another issue is that Twando relies on http status codes returned by the Twitter API; Twitter do reserve the right to return a code 200 even when an error has occurred. This won't really cause you any major headaches; it might simply mean Twando reports a tweet was posted successfully when it wasn't for example. There are other examples but that should give you an idea of what a Twitter API issue is rather than a Twando issue.
  • Some things aren't bugs, they're intentional design decisions. As an example, I know the maximum screen name length for a Twitter account is currently 15 characters, but the MySQL tables are deliberately set to accommodate larger than this in case Twitter increase this limit in future.
  • I'm always happy to hear suggestions for new features, but Twando is NOT a replacement for your day to day Twitter client. I can't stress this enough. Twando is not a replacement for the Twitter website or the huge number of Twitter clients already out there (Tweetdeck etc etc etc). I will never add functionality to view your tweet stream, reply to DMs and so on. It's 100% not what this script is intended for.

9) I need help installing; how do I ask for this?

  • The script is offered with absolutely no warranty or technical support. There's a full installation guide and manual provided online, but I can't help with individual installation queries..

10) Does Twando not violate Twitter's TOS?

  • When you install and use Twando, you create your own Twitter application. The application you create is subject to Twitter's terms of service, so it's really your responsibility to make sure you don't violate them. It is entirely possible to use Twando completely within the terms of use Twitter provide for their API, and we would encourage you not to use features that may violate those terms. These additional features are included in Twando for educational purposes only. .

11) I'm having trouble upgrading from 0.6.x to 1.0.x?

  • Please consult and carefully follow the upgrade instructions on the installation page.

12) Is Twando Open Source software?

  • No; since version 1.0, Twando is no longer open source. There are a lot of reasons for this but please be aware this software, although free for personal use, is copyrighted and may not be redistributed.