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The changelog history of Twando is detailed below. Twando was first released in 2012 so has been downloaded and improved for over 8 years.


  • Release now tested in PHP 7.4.
  • Other minor changes to accommodate Twando domain move.


  • Some fixes in external modules to better support PHP 7.4 (note, Twando is not fully tested yet with PHP 7.4).
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Added check to slow follow queue to better handle users who have blocked the account user (thanks to Amanda Blain for reporting).


  • Added check in install tables script for max_input_vars PHP configuration value. If set too low, can cause issues with mass following.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Updated scheduled/recurring tweet editor to support carriage returns.
  • Added a new BASE_PATH configuration option; this is set in config.php and can solve issues uploading or tweeting media files.


  • Fixed small bug with install tables script for new installs (thanks to Tim Wilson for reporting).


  • Improved inline editor for scheduled and recurring tweets (now properly supports apostrophes and quotes).
  • System now prevents HTML encoding for manually entered scheduled/recurring tweets.
  • Fixed some CSS mobile bugs with scheduled tweet listings.
  • A couple of other small bug fixes.


  • Install tables script updated due to bug with default values for text fields (now set to NULL); for existing installs please update the default values on your MySQL tables.
  • A couple of other small bug fixes.


  • Full update of the included application instructions to guide you through the new Twitter developer account requirements.
  • One or two other small tweaks.


  • Just a couple of very minor bug fixes.


  • Added support for new direct_messages/events/new method (old DM method is deprecated and being removed by Twitter).
  • DM errors now captured in cron logs and detection added to insert random time pauses if Twitter API reports a 226 error.
  • Improved proxy config handling to not throw error if upgrade instructions haven't been followed and proxy settings are not found in config file.
  • Other small fixes and tweaks.


  • Added proxy support; configure your proxy in config.php.
  • Improved install tables script to add default values to all table columns (new installs only).
  • Other various tweaks and fixes.


  • Improved error reporting for issues with Curl; script now checks for Curl during install and reports readable Curl errors if they occur.
  • Changed default API timeouts to reduce issues with image/video posting.
  • Other various tweaks and fixes.


  • Due to Twitter increasing the number of IP bans for API usage, improved error reporting throughout the script to help diagnose this.
  • The above also required some updates to the Twitteroauth module.
  • Added timezone option to the config file to override the default set by the server if necessary.
  • Adjusted MySQL table creation to better support environments where strict mode is enabled.
  • Other various tweaks and fixes.


  • Small fix on cron tweet script to prevent time creeping.
  • Fixed new MySQL error reporting to prevent false errors when running install tables for an upgrade.
  • A few other minor tweaks.


  • Much requested 'User lookup' feature under 'Search to Follow'; you can now follow users following or followed by a particular account and also any members of lists owned by any account.
  • Additional Oauth stage and MySQL error reporting to capture hosting issues which can prevent new account authorisations.


  • Improved auto follow back timings; Twando now captures Twitter 161 errors and implements random time pauses accordingly.
  • Further improvements to follow cron job reporting.


  • New slow mass following option for search to follow and follow exclusion follow pages (see manual for more information).
  • Additional search options when searching for users by last tweet.
  • New cache explorer functionality to instantly see non-mutual followers and more (see manual for more information).
  • Improved cron job error reporting.
  • Other small bug fixes.


  • Small bug with auto follow settings fixed (thanks to Kaan Dogan for reporting).
  • Various language file tweaks.
  • Some redundant CSS removed.


  • Major new release; complete code rewrite.
  • New responsive layout.
  • Media library functionality to allow image and video posting.
  • Recurring tweet functionality.
  • Tweet content engine to allow random word insertion into any tweet.
  • Significant user cache changes and new cache explorer functionality.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Timed automatic deletions for follow/unfollow exclusions.
  • Any many, many more changes besides.


  • Minor bug fixes for new installs.


  • Missed issue with redirect and callback scripts for new TwitterOauth fixed.


  • MySQLi support enabled now by default.
  • Upgraded to latest version of TwitterOauth.
  • Various performance improvements to better handle newer Twitter accounts.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Minor release with a few bug fixes.
  • Fixed PHP 5.4 issue with base link detection script.
  • Fixed SSL detection issue for those running PHP on Windows systems.
  • Fixed redirect_by_id issue due to Twitter removing support for this.
  • Removed htaccess file from package as seemed to cause more issues for users than it fixed.


  • Fixed issue with scheduled tweet editing not working in Firefox (thanks to Erik de Vries for reporting).
  • Fixed issue with non-standard characters not displaying correctly in scheduled tweets and tweet logs (thanks to Lucy Zamiatina for reporting).
  • Switched from jQuery seraizeArray() method to serialize() to improve performance.
  • Altered MySQL class to try and reconnect if connection lost due to inadequate MySQL config (2006 server gone away errors etc).


  • Major changes due to Twitter API 1.1 implementation (thanks to Okolie Raymond for first reporting).
  • Cron follow script changed to support new rate limits and dual throttle limits for friends and followers listing (previously shared rate limit for both).
  • Search by tweet user searching fixed for API 1.1 (1.0 method deprecated).
  • Because of the huge (and confusing) number of different rate limits with the Twitter API 1.1, the rate limit reporting on the index page has been removed.


  • Fixed bug with adding Follow & Unfollow exclusions in some browsers (Several people reported this, thanks).
  • Other minor code improvements.


  • MySQL functions abstracted for future switch to MySQLi.
  • Changed cron jobs to output complete MySQL errors for debugging; some not-so-great hosts seem to struggle with the cron jobs.


  • Minor fix to cron_tweet.php state logging.
  • Added option on cron instructions page to reset cron states if cron processes interrupted.
  • Added error message to follow/unfollow exclusions page for if Twitter API is having issues.


  • First public version.