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Welcome to Twando

Twando is a PHP/MySQL Twitter management tool with a huge range of features.

Monitor your followers, auto follow and unfollow, auto DM new followers, schedule tweets, search & mass follow new users and much, much more.

(Version 1.19)

Twando in action

Create your own app

  • You create your own Twitter application; no need to give access to your Twitter accounts to a third party.
  • Quick installation process; manage an unlimited number of Twitter accounts from a single install.
  • No need to install a specific CMS or specialist PHP extensions; Twando is a standalone PHP/MySQL application that can run alongside any CMS.
  • Simple, easy to navigate and fully responsive interface.
Powerful follow tools

  • Want to know who unfollowed you? Or even who you might have unfollowed? Twando will tell you.
  • Auto follow your followers and auto unfollow those who unfollow you.
  • Want to automatically DM your new followers? With Twando you can.
  • Search any topic on Twitter quickly and easily for new users and mass follow in seconds.
  • Add timed follow exclusions to prevent unfollowing of users for a set period of time.
Automated tweeting

  • Create scheduled tweets and post at any time you like.
  • Also create recurring tweets that are posted at recurring intervals of your choosing.
  • Media library system allows uploading and tweeting of images and videos.
  • Create powerful randomised content with tweet custom expressions.
  • Bulk upload scheduled and recurring tweets via CSV in seconds.